Electron Beam Lithography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Focused Ion Beam Milling, Photolithography, Optical profilometry.

  •  Raith Voyager EBL System including “traxx” (FBMS) and “periodixx” (MBMS) 

     50 kV acc. voltage, beam currents up to 40 nA

  •  FEI Nova 200 Dual beam system (SEM/FIB) 

     Pt-deposition, 3D reconstruction with Slice and View, Kleindiek micro manipulators

  •  EDX system Oxford UltimMax/AZtec for SEM-based element analysis 

     Real time chemical imaging

  • Direct Laser Writer MLA 150 Maskless Aligner

    Laser 375 nm, min. feature size 0.6 um, Backside Alignment
    installation spring 2021

  •  Maskless Lithography system SmartPrint

     For g-line photo resists, min. feature size 2 µm

  •  Karl Süss Contact Mask Aligner MJB3 

     max 2 inch wafer size, 3 inch masks

  •  Optical Profiler, gbs SmartVIS3D 

     Fixed 10 × objective, view area 1×1 mm, 25 nm vertical resolution