ATC-1800-HY UHV Multi-Technique Deposition System, AJA International

The ATC-1800-HY is a deposition system with in-situ crucible exchange system. This enables crucible exchange without breaking vacuum. The system comes with six 15 cc crucibles with automated indexing. E-beam source is a 6 kW High Voltage Supply with automated sweep control, no need for manually aiming the beam correctly in the crucible. Two magnetron sputtering sources using 3 inch targets. The sputtering sources have two generators, 1500 W DC and 600 W RF generator. Direct sputtering, working distance < 10 cm. Kaufman KDC 40/75 Ion Sources for milling / pre-cleaning. Water-cooled, rotating and tilting substrate holder for substrates up to 4 inch dia. Three gas-lines for Ar, O2 and N2. Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer System, spectral range 405 – 950 nm. Possibility to do oxidation inside the load-lock.

Installation during spring 2022



Plasma etcher PlasmaPro 100 Cobra 300 ICP, Oxford Instruments

PlasmaPro 100 Cobra 300 ICP

The Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Cobra 300 is a load locked plasma etcher with a cryo stage. Maximum wafer size is 200 mm. Etch rate is > 8 um/min with a 3 kW ICP RF generator. Selectivity for photoresist is > 120 (general Bosch process).

Installation during fall 2021



Photolithography tool MaskLess Aligner MLA 150, Heidelberg Instruments

Heidelberg Instruments MLA150

The MLA 150 (MaskLess Aligner) Direct Laser Writer is capable of photolithography of details down to 0.6 um (min. feature size). It uses a UV diode laser illumination of 375 nm for broadband and i-line photoresists, such as SU-8, AZ-nLOF, TOK IP and others. The option of Back Side Alignment (BSA) is included, thus adding the possibility of exposing backside of substrate. Maximum substrate size is 6 x 6 inches, minimum size is 5 x 5 mm (due to auto focus mechanism). Maximum write area is 150 x 150 mm, and substrate thickness can be between 0.1 to 12 mm.

In operation since June 9, 2021