Helping You Succeed in Nano-Science

Develop Your Path at Nanoscale with Us

Albanova Nanolab is the key resource for academic and commercial nanoscale R&D in the Stockholm area. With close to 80 unique users in 2019, a super-efficient economic model and flexible infrastructure, it offers broad-spectrum, affordable access to top-level nano-fabrication tools and processes. ANL is a part of the national network for micro- and nano-fabrication MYFAB, together with KTH-Electrum, CTH-MC2, UU-Ångström, and LU-Nanolab, and is ideally suited to basic research and high-risk innovation.

ANL has seen steady, organic growth over many years and we see a future with increasing the number of users and projects, especially in view of the coming relocation to Albanova of ca 80 nano-scientists from KTH-Kista early in 2020, as well as SU’s expansion of their Quantum Technology footprint at the vastly expanded Albanova Science Centre. Our plan is to continue to play a key role in making sure our users stay at the forefront of the internationally competitive nano-scale R&D.


We emphasize direct-writing methods for patterning, especially E-beam and Focused-ion-beam lithography (EBL&FIB), but also direct-write photo-lithography, as opposed to mask-based lithography. This saves time and money with our small-series nano-device research and small-series prototyping. 



Materials Fabrication

Our specialty are films and multilayers by sputtering and evaporation. We work with a wide variety of materials, with cross-usage requirements that are not as stringent as in many specialized-process labs. Our proof-of-concept environment is ideally suited to academic research as well as various startups and spinoffs in the nano-tech area.

Process Integration

Our users have access to various etching systems capable of sample cryo-cooling; processes based on various resists, surface profilometers, optical microscopes, ovens, chip bonders, probe stations, and various other tools. Additionally, we offer a versatile lineup of AFM microscopes and an EDX system for chemical analysis.