Q1: Is wafer processing possible at ANL?

A1: Yes, for a number of tools, but we do not offer wafer-size-specified, standardized process lines. Most of the processing in the lab is on research style chips of 1 inch and smaller. Our main nano-patterning tool, Raith Voyager EBL, is designed for up to 6 inch wafers and is normally operated with a 4 inch wafer holder. Both sputtering tools have 4 inch substrate holders. Contact our engineers to find out the relevant parameters for a specific tool/process.

Q2: Is the Bosch etching process available?

A2: We have developed a Bosch-style process based on our Oxford Plasma Lab 100 system, so deep Si etching is possible in principle. The system is not a dedicated deep Si etcher, though — was not designed and is not operated as such. Contact Adrian or Erik to see if the specs can suit your process needs. We are currently in the planning for our next generation etcher, which will likely be Bosch-designed/capable, though still unlikely operated as a dedicated Bosch etcher (at this time we do not have many users with stringent Bosch-processing needs).